Client Testimonials

Because we're worker-owned we take great pride in the work we do. We consequently take customer service to the point of near obsession. If you ever have a bad experience with one of us, or have any problems whatsoever with work we've performed, we'll do whatever we can to make it right again! Below is just a sampling of the feedback from our clients on Yelp.

"My nonprofit contracted an IT project to the Boston TechCollective in July 2013. Not only did they come in within the contract budget, they communicated with us throughout the entire process, and were extremely flexible. The fact that they were willing to explore a wide variety of scenarios really made the whole process so much easier. I strongly recommend these guys and am eager to get them on retainer to do our IT stuff throughout 2014."Eli F.

"These folks provided superior service without the belittlement that usually comes with the computer repair industry. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for help with their computer, be that Mac, Linux, or Windows." - Joshua D.

"Outstanding customer service, very patient, knowledgeable, work with you to both resolve issues and help you understand what went wrong. We are a small business that basically threw a few broken machines at them and said to save our data, and get our new computers to work like the old ones... and they did... and the price was great. Highly recommended." - Jonathan W.

"These folks are extremely knowledgeable and really nice to deal with.  It's a relaxed atmosphere at their office and they totally came through for me in an emergency computer situation. Their prices are totally reasonable (not over-priced, totally fair) and they just do a great job overall.  If you are looking for great computer tech services I highly recommend the Boston TechCollective!"Willy B.

"These guys rule. They came so highly recommended that I drove 20 miles to have them service my computer. When I got there they had my  problem diagnosed within 5 minutes. (fried hard drive) then suggested I take it back where I got it cause the computer was only one month old. While I was there I learned that they make house calls, and can do remote repairs. They didn't charge me a dime, and gave me some great suggestions for smoother operation in the future. I almost look forward to when my computer craps out on me again cause I feel good knowing I am in good hands.....Thanks guys."Josh J.

"These guys are honest, keep you updated on the progress of your repair, and are upfront and accurate with cost estimates. I can't add any superlatives that earlier reviewers haven't already, so I'll leave it here." - Tom B.

"AMAZING company, staff, and an incredible amount of talent.  I put off getting an IT company for my small business for way too long, and things were a mess when I finally called these folks.  Yochai basically rehabilitated all my workstations, network, installed both hardware and software, and all kinds of thing I never even thought about.  He's thorough without being condescending, and really, really knows his stuff. (And also replies to questions within seconds!) The fees are fair as well.  Save yourself a ton of trouble and just call these folks and let them do their thing.  I should have done it years ago!"Gwendolyn S.

"I'm a hardcore Republican Capitalist.  Today I experienced another form of Collective Capitalism - employee- owned business. Sounds like a nice model! In any case, folks helped me quickly with recovering data from my laptop for my job and saved my a$$.  Price was good, speed was great. I'll be back!" - James M.

"Fantastic place! Good politics (worker-owned and free-software-friendly), willing to engage with customers at any level of technical sophistication, and, as far as I can tell, exceedingly competent. And they deal totally honestly." - Katriel F.