Shop Price List

Below are the prices for services rendered at our shop. Keep in mind that we will always give you a free estimate prior to doing any work. If it's something we think isn't worth fixing or that we can't help with, we will let you know right away. Any work we expect to perform will be approved by you beforehand. Also note that as of October 1st 2017 we are no longer doing certain types of hardware repairs. 

 If you have any questions or don't see something listed, feel free to email or call!

We don't believe in overcharging or surprising you with fees. In fact, we perform a free test on your hard drive before we do any other work, regardless of the problem you're having.

Why? Well, if your hard drive is failing, it won't do you any good to get a virus removed or any other service done because the computer will likely not live long enough to make it worth your money! Your hard drive is where all of your programs and data reside so a problem with it means a problem for the whole machine!