Our Story

Watch our interview with Hello Neighbor to hear it straight from us!

Boston TechCollective is a worker-owned cooperative offering tech support and computer services to the Greater Boston area.   

We first formed in late 2012, based on a simple, powerful idea: that tech experts, rather than managers, should be the ones in charge of a tech support enterprise! In fact this idea isn't ours. That credit goes to our sister cooperative - TechCollective, in San Francisco.

With mobile devices, cloud services, and traditional computers blurring the lines between what is and is not a computer, we take a very different approach to IT than most support companies. We view our client's needs holistically - helping them build their specific goals with systems that will be reliable for the long-term.

Our clients run the range from local residents to small or medium sized businesses and nonprofits. While we are based in Somerville, our technicians service clients all over the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Our humble (and yet tastefully decorated) shop is located in the Teele Square neighborhood of Somerville, MA.  Anyone can schedule a free diagnostic and have their problems quickly resolved without the condescending "IT Guy" atmosphere that pervades our industry. We perform virus removals, operating system re-installs, DC jack replacements, data recovery and much more.  All shop work has a flat price, meaning that we will accurately gauge the cost of helping someone before they pay; that means no surprises!