Windows 10: Now What?


Windows 10: Now What?

If you've been using Windows 7 or 8 in the past year or so, you'll have noticed a very annoying popup insisting about upgrading to Windows 10. At this point it's practically impossible to avoid the upgrade, and many people have reported that their computers have spontaneously gotten it. We answer questions about this every day so we wanted to give you a bit of advice about it, albeit slightly late for some! This article breaks down the two typical states that you're in:

If You've Upgraded...

Assuming that the upgrade went smoothly, you'll find some pretty big changes but otherwise there's really not much to worry about. If you've done the upgrade in the past 30 days you can even remove it if you don't like it. We've got a workshop coming up on May 19th if you are interested in knowing more about Windows 10, so RSVP and join us!

If You Haven't Upgraded...

This is just fine. Windows 7 will be supported until at least 2020 so there's no rush. This is especially true for anyone running a business, as we've had some clients run into compatibility problems with industry-specific apps. In short, if your computer is running well, there's no need to rush towards the upgrade.

But This Popup Is Driving Me Nuts!

You're not alone. In fact a security researcher named Steve Gibson has created a tool that will (after a reboot) completely shut down the upgrade itself. Just follow the instructions on Steve's website and all of the annoying notices will go away. Should you decide later on to do the upgrade, its a couple of clicks to undo this.