August 2014 Tech Tip: Charge Your Stuff Faster!

August Tech Tip:

 Charge Your Stuff Faster!

We all have devices that need charging regularly. Smartphones, tablets, computers, Kindles, etc. Charging them can be obnoxious and confusing due to differing wires and chargers. 

The solution? Look for USB chargers that have a 2.1 amp output. The may mention tablets or iPads on the box and will generally be more expensive than the lower amp ones.

The reason? Larger devices have larger batteries and require more amps to charge quickly. This means that smaller devices like smartphones will receive extra juice when plugged into them! This means significantly faster charging with no damage to the device.

It also means that you can pack fewer chargers when you travel. Almost every Apple device uses a Lightning cable while virtually everything else uses the MicroUSB or MiniUSB standards. Look at the wires from your devices and look for similar connectors. By getting higher amp chargers and minimizing the number of wires you bring, you can save a lot of space and time!