Good Habits For Safe Computing

Antivirus Is Good, But Caution Is Better!

Most antivirus systems do very little to prevent infections these days. Why?  Because hackers now try to trick you into infecting yourself, bypassing any protection you have! We recommend being careful where you click and using Microsoft Security Essentials or Eset NOD32. Just remember that caution is the best protection!

Back Up Your Data!

If you don’t have at least two copies of your data, you’re not backed up! We recommend using an external hard drive and/or a cloud-based system like BackBlaze, CrashPlan or Carbonite for disaster-proof recovery.

Update Your System!

When system updates are released by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, etc it’s because flaws have been found that could affect not only your security but also the performance of your computer. If you ever see an update message that looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Avoid Internet Explorer!

Because most people think of the little blue ‘e’ as the Internet, hackers target that web browser above all others! Try using more secure alternatives like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Beware Of Checkmarks!

These days the easiest way for your computer to get bogged down is by accidentally installing what we call bloatware. This includes browser toolbars and other annoyances.

The secret?  Look for checkboxes that are already checked whenever you install anything. Even something benign like a new printer can dump this junk onto your computer!